*All skin treatments are performed by Master Estheticians. We are a results driven salon that does not offer "foof facials" or massage.

All facial treatments are done with the lights on to monitor skin reaction and assure client safety.*  


DETOXIFYING PEEL ................. $75

Are you eligible for skin treatments at Suka Spa?

-The use or consumption of antibiotics (including topical antibiotics) must be discontinued 10 days prior to any skin treatment.

-The use of Retinol must be discontinued 10 days prior to any skin treatment.

-No professional grade skin treatments can be performed until 6 months post Accutane.

-Pregnant or breastfeeding women must consult with their physician about the use of salicylic acid prior to skin treatment.

-Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not eligible for microneedling.

-Skin treatments can't be performed within 2 weeks of any laser treatment.

-Please show up makeup free to your professional skin care treatment.